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Eliminate Distractions.
When you're viewing a new house, what is one of the main questions on your mind?  "What would this house look like if it were mine?" It's hard to picture a home as yours when there are countless personal photographs and family heirlooms of the current owner filling the walls and furniture. 
As a seller, it's not that buyers don't want to see your personal decorations, it's just that they can be a source of distraction.  You don't want potential buyers to miss out on the important qualities of the house while trying to figure out what celebrity your great grandmother reminds them of.
Start Decluttering.
When it comes to something as time-consuming as preparing to move, why not kill two birds with one stone?  If you haven't used an item in over a year or it's been hiding in a drawer and hasn't been missed, consider donating or selling it.  Regardless of whether you use a moving company, more boxes equal more time and more money, and why waste them on items that are of no value to you?
All other items that are not used daily, especially books, knickknacks and keepsakes can be packed away early so that packing is much easier when it is time to make the move.  Nothing feels better than getting a head start and avoiding procrastination.
Get Organized!
When you're torn between buying two different houses, which one is more likely to be favored: the one whose owners were obviously sloppy and careless, or the one whose owners were organized and probably took great care of the rest of the house?  Being organized sends a positive message to potential buyers and makes a great impression from the second they enter the house until the second they exit.  
This is not only important for outward appearances (what's seen by buyers when they enter a room) but also the details such as organized pantries, bathroom cabinets, closets, and kitchen drawers.  Once again, taking care of these little details will have a double use - they'll help you have clarity when it's time to pack and they'll make it more likely for the buyer to believe that you were a trustworthy owner of a well-maintained home.
Make Minor Repairs.
Small, seemingly insignificant details can make or break a sale.  Whether the buyer could easily repair leaky faucets or electrical wiring issues, most people want their house to be move-in ready - and those move-in ready properties will always take priority over those who need TLC.  
Even if you do get an offer on the house with a house that needs updating, odds are that the repair will end up being a condition of the contract before you can close on it anyway.  Why get it done ahead of time and save a future headache?
Do a Deep Clean!
You want your home to look move-in ready.  Make potential buyers imagine closing on the property that day!  If you don't want to get down and dirty, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to really make your house look spotless.  It can be a difference maker!
Leave the Rest to Us!
This article says it all: You wouldn’t replace the engine in your car without a trusted mechanic, so why would you make one of the most important financial decisions of your life without hiring a real estate professional?
Why do something the hard way when you could do it the easy way? Hiring a real estate agent to help you buy or sell can actually save you time and money. With all of the tools and resources that are at our fingertips as real estate professionals, you'll be able to leave the paperwork, negotiating, market analysis and research to us so you don't have to put your life on hold! 
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