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Why Ski Team

Mike has hands-on experience with life in the Atlanta area.

He Knows Metro Atlanta - From the Inside Out

                                     Mike grew up in 

the Atlanta area. He went to high school in Dekalb County, graduated from UGA, and raised a family here.  Ski Team Realtors are passionate about helping others find their lives in the same wonderful place that we did.

School Bus & Children
From Preschool to College, Mike's Been There - 3 Times!

As a father of three, Mike has personally experienced every level of parental involvement in kids' education - from pre-school to college. He understands the importance and dynamics of school districts and community! 

He's worked hard to add value to the community.

Women Voting

                                     Mike has been an active member in the community up and down the 400 North Corridor. He is a member of chambers in N. Fulton, Forsyth, and Dawson as well as other civic groups in North Metro Atlanta. 

He's Invested in Our City's Future
Holding Hands

Mike believes that we need to treat others as we would like to be treated.  He's thankful to have been a part of various church ministries and volunteer opportunities throughout the years in order impact the community.  That same "heart to serve" transfers into the service given each and every client! 

He's Been Blessed to Serve and Make a Difference
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