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Why Ski Team

We have hands-on experience with life in the Atlanta area.


                                     We both grew up in 

the Atlanta area.  We went to high school here, graduated college here, and started a family here.  We're passionate about helping others find their lives in the same wonderful place that we did.

We Know Metro Atlanta - From the Inside Out
School Bus & Children

We've gone from shedding the first tear as our oldest entered preschool to moving our son into his dorm at UGA.  Recreational sports, extracurricular activities, first jobs, youth groups - not only have we experienced raising children in Metro Atlanta, but we are in close community with many families that have shared their personal experiences with us as well. 

From Preschool to College, We've Been There - 3 Times!

We've worked hard to add value to the community.

Women Voting

                                     We are active members of multiple community organizations with the goal to help our area grow and thrive both now and for years to come.  We're committed to sharing our ideas to improve with those around us!

We've Invested in Our City's Future
Holding Hands

We believe firmly that we need to treat others as we would like to be treated.  We've been thankful to be able to be a part of various church ministries and volunteer opportunities throughout the years in order to show love to others and be a blessing in their lives.  We strive to continue that mindset professionally in the lives of our clients.

We've Been Blessed to Serve and Make a Difference
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